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1 Encyclopedias

  • Oeckl: Taschenbuch des Öffentlichen Lebens Deutschland 1999/2000
  • Oeckl: Taschenbuch des Öffentlichen Lebens Europa 1999/2000
  • Larousse: Larousse Memo Encyclopedie

2 Philosophy

  • Miller, Ed L.: Questions that Matter /An invitation to Philosophy
  • Nietzsche, Friedrich: Werke 1 - Menschliches Allzumenschliches
  • Nietzsche, Friedrich: Werke 2 - Also Sprach Zarathustra
  • Nietzsche, Friedrich: Werke 3 - Jenseits von Gut und Böse

3 Psychology and Psychiatry

  • American Psychiatric Association: Desk Reference to the Diagnostic Criteria from DSM-IV-TR
  • Grünn, Dr. med. Hans: Selbsthypnose und Autosuggestion Nutzen Sie die Positive Kraft Ihres Unterbewußtseins
  • Nelms, Henning: Thinking with a Pencil
  • Hewitt, William W.: Hypnosis for Beginners
  • Streeter, Michael: Hypnosis Secrets of the Mind
  • Herrnstein, Richard J. and Murray, Charles: The Bell Curve Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life

3.1 Paraspychology

  • Mishlove, Jeffrey, PH.D.: The Roots of Consciousness The classic encyclopedia of consciousness studies revised and expanded

3.2 Autism

  • Grandin, Temple: Animals in Translation Using the Mysteries of Autism to Decode Animal Behavior

3.3 Intelligence

  • Serebriakoff, Victor: MENSA The society for the highly intelligent
  • American Mensa: Mensa 101

3.4 Memory

  • Yates, Frances A.: The Art of Memory
  • Nelson, Aaron P.: The Harvard Medical School Guide to Achieving Optimal Memory

4 Religion

4.1 Catholic Church

  • Marchant, Piers: How to be Pope What to do and where to go once you're in the Vatican
  • Catholic Church: Catechism of the Catholic Church
  • Abbott, Walter M.: The Documents of Vatican II
  • McGeady, Sister Mary Rose: Sometimes God has a Kid's Face
  • Bistum Regensburg: Gotteslob Katholisches Gebet- und Gesangsbuch
  • Hall, Alan: The History of the Papacy
  • Noonan, James-Charles: The Church Visible The ceremnoial life and protocol of the Roman Catholic Church
  • National Conference of Catholic Bishops: Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
  • Zimmerling, Dieter: Der Deutsche Ritterorden
  • Tobin, Greg: Selecting the Pope Uncovering the mysteries of Papal elections
  • Redemptiorist Pastoral Publication: The Essential Catholic Handbook A summary of beliefs, practices, and prayers
  • Cowgill, Carol: Adult Confession Conversion in Progress
  • Schmude, H.J.: Catholic Answers to Protestants Protests
  • Hughes, Bishop Alfred: Spiritual Masters Living a Life of Prayer in the Catholic Tradition
  • Ankerberg, John and Weldon, John: The Facts on Roman Catholicism What Does the Roman Catholic Church Really Belive?

4.2 Protestantism

  • Bennett, Iban L.: Song and Service Book for Ship and Field Army and Navy

4.3 Bibels

  • Meine Erste Kinderbibel

4.4 Bibel History

  • Koch, Klaus: Das Buch der Bücher Die Entstehungsgeschichte der Bibel

4.5 Environmentalism

  • Lawson, Nigel: An Appeal to Reason A cool look at global warming
  • Lomborg, Björn: The Skeptikal Environmentalist Measuring the real state of the world

4.6 Atheists

  • Davies, Paul: God and the New Physics

4.7 Islam

  • Kodges, Richard and Whitehouse, David: Mohammed, Charlemagne and the Origins of Europe
  • Lewis, Bernhard: What Went Wrong? The clash between Islam and modernity in the middle east

5 Sociology

  • Bureau of Justice Statistics: Recidivism of Sex Offenders Released from Prison in 1994
  • Steele, Shelby: White Guilt How Blacks and Whites together Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era
  • Downing, Michael: Spring Forward The annual madness of daylight saving time
  • Murray, Charles: Human Accomplishment The pursuit of excellence in the arts and sciences, 800 BC to 1950

6 Law

6.1 German Business Law

  • Buecker, Bernard and Tremml, Bernd: Key Aspects of German Business Law A manual for practical orientation

6.2 True Crime

  • Hodel, Steve: Black Dahlia Avenger One of the most notorious murders of the 20th century … SOLVED!

7 Languages and Linguistics

7.1 Linguistics

  • Forster, H. A.: Wörter Erzählen die Geschichte der Menschheit Eine Begegnung mit der Welt der Sprache

7.2 Meta Language Learning

  • Farber, Barry: How to Learn Any Language Quickly, easily and on your own!

7.3 German

  • Langenscheidt: Deutsch Aktiv 1 Companian Grammar Ein Lehrwerk für Erwachsene
  • Langenscheidt: Deutsch Aktiv 1 Glossar Ein Lehrwerk für Erwachsene
  • Wahrig: Deutsches Wörterbuch
  • Ravensburger: Mein Erstes Wörterbuch
  • Kirchhoff, Anne: Wörterbuch der Jagd Deutsch-Französisch-Englisch
  • Barron's: German Verbs
  • Barron's: German Grammar
  • Duden: Pocket Oxford-Duden English-German, German-English
  • Baxter, Nicola: 1000 First Words in German
  • Langenscheidt: Deutsch Aktiv Lehrbuch 1A
  • Langenscheidt: Deutsch Aktiv Lehrbuch 1 Ein Lehrwerk für Erwachsene
  • Langenscheidt: Deutsch Aktiv Arbeitsbuch 1 Ein Lehrwerk für Erwachsene
  • Langenscheidt: Deutsch Aktiv Lehrbuch 2 Ein Lehrwerk für Erwachsene
  • Langenscheidt: Deutsch Aktiv Arbeitsbuch 2 Ein Lehrwerk für Erwachsene
  • Zielinski, Wolf-Dietrich: Papa, Charly hat gesagt … Ausgewählte Gespräche zwischen Vater und Sohn mit Übungen zum Deutschunterricht für Ausländer
  • Twain, Mark: The awful German Language/ Die Schreckliche Deutsche Sprache
  • dtv-Atlas: Deutsche Sprache
  • Brinkmann Karl-Heinz, Schmidt, Rudolf: Wörterbuch der Datentechnik Deutsch-English
  • Unknown: Brause Übungsheft für die Deutsche Schrift

7.4 Dutch

  • Thomas, Michel: Dutch for Beginners
  • Thomas, Michel: Dutch - Advanced Course

7.5 English

  • Langenscheidt: Langenscheidts Pocket Dictionary Englisch - Deutsch, Deutsch - Englisch
  • Langenscheidt: Langenscheidts Universalwörterbuch Englisch - Deutsch, Deutsch - Englisch
  • Webster: Webster's New Universal Unabriged Dictionary
  • Crystal, David: The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language
  • Savin, William A.: The Gregg Reference Manual
  • Winchester, Simon: The Meaning of Everything The story of the Oxford English Dictionary
  • Whitman, Digby: The Road to Readability Basics of writing and editing
  • Gregg, John and Leslie, Louis: The GREGG Shorthand Manual Simplified
  • Strunk, William Jr. and White, E.B.: The Elements of Style
  • Boccardi, Louis: The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual

7.6 Danish

  • PONS: Grundwortschatz Dänisch
  • Gjellerup and Gad: Laer Dansk Övebook
  • Gjellerup and Gad: Laer Dansk Tekstbog
  • Gjellerup and Gad: Laer Dansk Ordliste
  • Berlitz: Danish Cassette Pack with Phrase Book
  • Language 30: Danish Dansk
  • Teach Yourself: Teach Yourself Complete Danish, From Beginner to Intermediate
  • Teach Yourself: Teach Yourself Complete Danish

7.7 Norwegian

  • Kershul, Kristine et al.: Norwegian in 10 minutes a Day
  • Kershul, Kristine et al.: Norwegian in 10 minutes a Day New Edition

7.8 French

  • Collins: Wörterbuch Deutsch-Französisch, Französisch-Deutsch
  • Klett: Grund- und Aufbauwortschaft Französisch
  • Barron's: French Verbs
  • Barron's: French Vocabulary
  • LeGal, Peppie: Barron's Talking Business in French
  • Stillman, David M. et al.: The Ultimate French Review and Practice Mastering French Grammar for Confident Communication
  • Lübke, Diethard: Langenscheidts Schulgrammatik Französisch
  • Foreign Service Institute: Official Foreign Service Institute French Language Course

7.9 Spanish

  • Klett: Grund- und Aufbauwortschaft Spanisch
  • Barron's: Spanish Grammar
  • Barron's: Spanish Verbs
  • Barron's: Spanish Vocabulary
  • PONS: PONS Standardwörterbuch Spanisch - Deutsch, Deutsch - Spanisch
  • Langenscheidt: Spanisch Aktiv 1 - Lehrbuch
  • Langenscheidt: Spanisch Aktiv 1 - Arbeitsbuch
  • Bey, Vivienne: Spanish Verb Drills
  • Foreign Service Institute: Official Foreign Service Institute Spanish Language Course
  • Unknown: Spanish for Law Enforcement A quick, easy-to-use program for police officers, law enforcement administrators and support personnel

7.10 Portuguese

  • Thomas, Michel: Portuguese for Beginners
  • Thomas, Michel: Portuguese - Advanced Course

7.11 Italian

  • Barron's: Italian Vocabulary
  • Foreign Service Institute: Official Foreign Service Institute Italian Language Course

7.12 Lithuanian

  • Teach Yourself: Complete Lithuanian

7.13 Chinese

  • Ning, Cynthia: Exploring in Chinese Volume 1 A DVD-based course in intermediate Chinese
  • Ning, Cynthia: Exploring in Chinese Volume 2 A DVD-based course in intermediate Chinese
  • Thomas, Michel: Mandaring - Get Started Kit
  • Thomas, Michel: Mandaring - Advanced Course
  • Thomas, Michel: Mandaring - Vocabulary Course

7.14 Arabic

  • Thomas, Michel: Arabic - Get Started Kit
  • Thomas, Michel: Arabic - Advanced Course

7.15 Russian

  • Klett: Grund- und Aufbauwortschaft Russisch
  • Thomas, Michel: Polish for Beginners
  • Thomas, Michel: Polish - Advanced Course

7.16 Greek

  • Thomas, Michel: Greek - Advanced Course

7.17 Hawaiian

  • Elbert, Samuel H.: Spoken Hawaiian

7.18 Swahili

  • Teach Yourself: Swahili

7.19 Japanese

  • Barron's: Japanese Verbs
  • Barron's: Japanese Vocabulary
  • Barron's: Japanese Grammar
  • Instant Immersion: Japanese 10 Cassettes
  • Teach Yourself: Elisabeth Smith's Fast Track Japanese
  • Pimsleur: Express Japanese
  • Thomas, Michel: Japanese - Get Started Kit
  • Thomas, Michel: Japanese for Beginners
  • Thomas, Michel: Japanese - Advanced Course
  • Association for Japanese-Language Teaching: Japanese for Busy People II - The Workbook
  • Living Language: Ultimate Japanese Advanced (Eight 60 minutes cassettes, 448 page textbook)
  • Japanese Language Promotion Center: Intensive Course in Japanese Eelementary Notes
  • Wightwick, Jane: Read & Speak Japanese for Beginners

7.20 Russian

  • Barron's: Russian Grammar
  • Barron's: Russian Vocabulary
  • Thomas, Michel: Russian Vocabulary Course 1&2
  • Thomas, Michel: Russian Vocabulary Course 3&4
  • Langenscheidt: Langenscheidt's Taschenwörterbuch Russisch Russisch - Deutsch, Deutsch - Russisch

7.21 Latin

  • Keller, Andrew and Russell, Stephanie: Learn to Read Latin
  • Keller, Andrew and Russell, Stephanie: Learn to Read Latin, Textbook
  • Hendricks, Rhoda: Latin made simple A complete introductory course with practice readings and exercises plus a handy Latin/English vocabulary

7.22 Tagalog

  • Barrios, Joi: Tagalog for Beginners An introduction to Filipino, the national language of the Philippines

7.23 Sanskrit

  • Coulson, Michael: Teach Yourself Sanskrit

7.24 Babylonian

  • Teach Yourself: Complete Babylonian

7.25 Ancient Greek

  • Jones, Peter: Learn Ancient Greek

7.26 Indo-European

  • Mallory, J. P.: In Search of the Indo-Europeans Language, archaelogy and myth

7.27 Lost Languages

  • Robinson, Andrew: Lost Languages The Enigma of the World's Undecipherred Scripts

8 Economy

  • Walford, Rosie: Shelf Life A celebration of the world's quirkiest brands

9 Mathematics

9.1 Sliderules

  • Zalotti, George John: Versalog II Slide Rule Instructions

9.2 Pocket Calculators

  • Hewlett-Packard: HP 50g Graphing Calculator User's Manual

9.3 Mathematical Writing

  • Krantz, Steven G.: A Primer of Mathematical Writing Being a disquisition on having your ideas recorded, typeset, published, read, and appreciated

9.4 Mathematical History

  • Derbyshire, John: Unknown Quantity A real and imaginary history of algebra
  • Hofmann, Joseph Ehrenfried: Classical Mathematics A concise history of mathematics in the 17th and 18th centuries
  • Smith, David Eugene and Mikami, Yoshio: A History of Japanese Mathematics

9.5 Pure Mathematics

  • Ramanujan, Shrinivasa: The Continued Fractions Found in the Unorganized Portions of Ramanujan's Notebooks (Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society)
  • Hardy, G. H.: A Course of Pure Mathematics

9.6 Mathematical Essays

  • Hardy, G. H.: A Mathematician's Apology
  • Peterson, Ivar: The mathematical tourist New and updated snapshots of modern mathematics
  • Paulos, John Allen: Beyond Numeracy
  • Paulos, John Allen: Once Upon a Number The hidden mathematical logic of stories
  • Pappas, Theoni: Mathematical Scandals
  • Blatner, David: The Joy of Pi

9.7 Mathematical Anthologies

  • Kelly, Gerard W.: Short-Cut Math
  • Gellert, W. et al.: The VNR Concies Encyclopedia of Mathematics
  • Wells, David: The Penguin Book of Curious and Interesting Mathematics
  • Bronstein, Semendjajew, Musiol, Mühlig: Taschenbuch der Mathematik
  • Litllewood, D. E.: The Skeleton Key of Mathematics A simple account of complex algebraic theories
  • Downing, Douglas: Dictionary of Mathematics Terms
  • Jahnke, Eugene and Emde, Fritz: Tables of Functions

9.8 Mathematical Problems

  • Stewart, Ian: Math Hysteria Fun and Games with Mathematics
  • Chaitin, Gregory: Meta Math The quest for Omega
  • Chaitin, Gregory J.: Exploring Randomness Discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science
  • Riemann, Bernhard: Über die Hypothesen, welche der Geometrie zu Grunde liegen
  • Singh, Simon: Fermat's Enigma The epic quest to solve the world's greatest mathematical problem
  • Yandell, Benajmin H.: The Honors Class Hilbert's problems and their solvers
  • Devlin, Keith: The Millenium Problems The seven greates unsolved mathematical puzzles of our time
  • Maylone, Nelson John: That Can't be Right! Using counterintuitive math problems
  • Kline, Morris: Mathematics for the Nonmathematician
  • Nahin, Paul J.: The Story of the root of -1 An imaginary tale
  • Casti, John L.: Mathematical Moutaintops The five most famous problems of all time
  • Aczel, Amir D.: The Mystery of the Aleph Mathematics, the kabbalah, and the search for infinity
  • Stewart, Ian: Nature's Numbers The unreal reality of mathematics
  • Aigner, Martin und Ziegler, Günter M.: Proofs from the Book
  • Pesic Peter: Abel's Proof An essay on the sources and meaning mathematical unsolvability
  • Clawson, Calvin C.: Mathematical Mysteries The beauty of magic of numbers
  • Clawson, Calvin C.: The Mathematical Traveller Exploring the grand history of numbers.
  • Behrends, Ehrhard: Five/Minute Mathematics
  • O'Shea, Daniel: The Poincarê Conjecture
  • Wilson, Robin: Four Colors Suffice How the Map Problem was solved
  • God's Equation Einstein, Relativity, and the Expanding Universe
  • Derbyshire, John: Prime Obsession Bernhard Riemann and the greatest unsolved problem in mathematics
  • Sperling, Abraham and Stuart, Monroe: Mathematics Made Simple
  • Gibilisco, Stan: Math Proofs Demystified

9.9 Mathematical Software

  • Wolfram, Stephen: Mathematica
  • Wolfram, Stephen: The Mathematica Book
  • Wolfram, Stephen: A New Kind of Science

9.10 Mathematical Competitions

  • Olson, Steve: Countdown The race for beautiful solutions at the international mathematical olympiad

9.11 Mathematical Proof

  • Polster, Burkhard: Q. E. D. Beauty in Mathematical Proof

9.12 Mathematical Principles

  • Solomon, Robert: The Little Book of Mathematical Principles, Theories and Things

9.13 Applied Mathematics

  • Paulos, John Allen: A Mathematician Reads the Newspaper

9.14 Statistics

  • Plimmer, Martin and King, Brian: Beyond Coincidence Stories of amazing coincidences and the mystery and mathematics that lie behind them
  • Gonick, Larry and Smith, Woollcott: The Cartoon Guide to Statistics

9.15 Mathematicians

  • Dedekind, Richard: Bernhard Riemann's Lebenslauf
  • Bell, E. T.: Men of Mathematics The lives and achievements of the great mathematicians from Zeno to Poincare
  • James, Ioan: Remarkable Mathematicians From Euler to Neumann
  • Casti, John L. and DePauli, Werner: Gödel - A Life of Logic
  • Hoffman, Paul: The Man Who Loved Only Numbers
  • Aczel, Amir: Descartes' Secret Notebook

9.16 Number Theory

  • Maor, Eli: To Infinity and Beyond A cultural history of the infinite
  • Seife, Charles: Zero The Biography of a Dangerous Idea
  • Maor, Eli: e: The Story of a Number
  • Havil, Julian: Gamma - Exploring Euler's Constant

9.17 Game Theory

  • Binmore, Ken: Game Theory A very short introduction
  • Aczel, Amir D.: Chance A guide to gambling, love, the stock market, and just about everything else
  • Brisman, Andrew: Mensa Guide to Casino Gambling
  • Roto, Robert R.: Casino Craps Strategies for reducing the odds against you

9.18 Applied Mathematics

  • Paulos, John Allen: A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market

9.19 Statistics

  • Stephens, Larry J.: Advanced Statistics Demystified A self-teaching guide
  • Tufte, Edward R.: Envisioning Information
  • Tufte, Edward R.: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information

9.20 Logic

  • Benzmüller, Christoph et al: Formalization, Mechanization, and Automation of Gödel's Proof of God's Existence
  • Nagel, Ernest et al.: Gödel's Proof
  • Poundstone, William: Prisoner's Dilemma
  • Pospesel, Howard: Introduction to Propositional Logic

10 Natural Sciences

10.1 Anthologies

  • Scientific American: World Changing Ideas
  • Aristotle: The Basic Works of Aristotle
  • Geigy: Scientific Tables

10.2 Paleontology

  • Officer, Charles and Page, Jake: The Great Dinosaur Extinction Controversy

10.3 Biology

10.3.1 Human Biology

  • Hotze, Steven F.: Hypothyroidism, Health, and Happinesss The riddle of illness revealed
  • Faller, Adolf: Der Körper des Menschen Einführung in Bau und Funktion
  • Roenneburg, Till: Wie Wir Ticken Die Bedeutung der Chronobiologie für unser Leben

10.3.2 Genetics

  • Gonick, Larry and Wheelis, Mark: The Cartoon Guide to Genetics

10.3.3 Animals

  1. Mammals
    • Schmidly, David J.: The Mammals of Texas
    • Whitaker, John O.: National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Mammals
  2. Reptiles and Amphibians
  3. Buildings
    • Vanner, Michael: A Field Guide to the Birds of North America

10.3.4 Trees

  • Texas Forest Service: Forest Trees of Texas How to know them …

10.3.5 Insects

  • Spielman, Andrew et al.: Mosquito The female bloodsucker or flying needle is elegantly constructed, miraculously adaptable and prodigiously efficient.

10.4 Physics

  • Born, Max: Atomic Physics
  • Lloyd, Seth: Programming the Universe A quantum computer scientist takes on the cosmos
  • Scientific American: The Inner Life of Quarks
  • Transnational College of LEX: What is Quantum Mechanics A physical adventure
  • Scientific American: The Universe is Leaking
  • Scientific American: The Black Hole at the Beginning of Time
  • Kane, Gordon: The Particle Garden Our universe as understood by particle physiscists
  • Davies, Paul: The Last Three Minutes Conjectures about the ultimate fate of the universe
  • Krauss, Lawrence M.: Hiding in the Mirror The mysterious allure of extra dimensions, from Plato to string theory and beyond
  • Gonick, Larry and Huffman, Art: The Cartoon Guide to Physics
  • Gleick, James: Genius The life and science of Richard Feynman

10.5 Astronomy

  • Sobel, Dava: The Planets
  • Barrow, John D.: The Origin of the Universe
  • Gardner, Martin: Puzzling Questions about the Solar System
  • Sherrod, P. Clay: A Complete Mnaual of Amateur Astronomy Tools and techniques for astronomical observation

10.6 Chemistry

  • Emsley, John: Nature's Building Blocks An A-Z guide to the elements
  • Gonick, Larry and Criddle, Graig: The Cartoon Guide to Chemistry
  • Thompson, Robert Bruce: Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments
  • Atkins, P. W.: Periodic Kingdom A journey into the land of chemical elements

10.7 Science equipment

  • Fisher Scientific: Fisher Science Education Catalogue 2013
  • Fisher Scientific: Fisher Science College Catalogue 2013

11 Military

11.1 Militaria

  • Hobbes, Nicholas: Essential Militaria Facts, legends, and curiosities about warfare through the ages

11.2 Infantry

  • Waldron, Major William H.: The Infantry Soldier's Handbook The classic World War I training manual

11.3 Artillery

  • Taube, Gerhard: 500 Years of German Cannon

11.4 Strategy

  • Hanson, Victor David: The Western Way of War
  • Dupuy, Trevor N.: A Genius for War The German Army and General Staff, 1807-1945
  • Newark, Timothy: Medieval Warfare

11.5 Kavallerie

  • Livingston, Phil and Roberts, Ed: War Horse Mounting the Cavalry with America's Finest Horses
  • Kopenhagen, Wilfried: German Infantry, Carts, Army Field Wagons, Army Sleds 1900-1945
  • Richter, Claus: Weapons and Equipment of the German Cavalry 1935-1945
  • Preußisches Kriegsministerium: Regulations for the Prussian cavalry
  • Richter, Claus Christian: Die Feldgrauen Reiter Die berittenen und bespannte Trueppen in Reichswehr und Wehrmach
  • Piekalkiewicz, Janusz: The Cavalry of World War II
  • Richter, Klaus Christian: Cavalry of the Wehrmacht 1941-1945
  • Ellis, John: Cavalry The history of mounted warfare
  • Fitzpatrick, Jim: The Bicycle in Wartime An Illustrated History
  • Gless, Karlheinz: Das Pferd im Militärwesen
  • Hyland, Ann: The Medieval War Horse from Byzantium to the Crusades
  • Dixon, Karen R. and Southern, Pat: The Roman Cavalry

11.6 Legion Etrangere

  • Young, John Robert: The French Foreign Legion The inside story of the world-famous fighting force
  • McGorman, Evan: Life in the French Foreign Legion How to join and what to expect when you get there
  • Salazar, Jaime: Legion of the Lost The true experience of an American in the French Foreign Legion

11.7 Kampfschwimmer

  • Kemp, Paul: Underwater Warrior

11.8 Elitetruppen

  • Halberstadt, Hans, et. al.: America's Counterterrorist Forces

11.9 Navy

  • Ireland, Sebastian: Navies of the World

11.10 Special Forces

  • Halberstadt, Hans et al.: US Special Forces

11.11 Military Songbooks

  • Unknown: SS Liederbuch

12 Publishing

  • Greenspun, Philip: Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing
  • Dovifat, Emil: Zeitungslehre II Redaktion - Die Sparten, Verlag und Vertrieb, Wirtschaft und Technik, Sicherung der :ffentlichen Aufgabe
  • Kelleher Storey, William: Writing History A guide for students

13 Technology (Applied sciences)

13.1 Agriculture

  • Seymour, John: Das Große Buch vom Leben auf dem Lande Ein praktisches Handbuch für Realisten und Träumer
  • Martin, Leonard, Stamp: Principles of Field Crop Production

13.2 Measuring

  • Joseph, Christopher: A Measure of Everything An illustrated guide to the science of measurement

13.3 Time Machines

  • Davies, Paul: How to Build a Time Machine

13.4 Materials Science

  • Lefteri, Chris: The Plastics Handbook

13.5 Computer Science

  • McGilton, Henry et al.: Introducting the UNIX System
  • Albitz, Paul et al.: DNS and BIND
  • Alloway et al.: Sniffy the Virtual Rat
  • Cameron, Debra et al.: Learning GNU Emacs Unix text processing
  • Spector, David HM: Building Linux Clusters
  • Carrier, Brian: File System Forensic Analysis
  • Unknown: pcAnywhere User's Guide
  • Unknown: System Commander
  • Cameron, Adams The Art and Science of CSS
  • Müller, Michael: Das große Buch zum Atari Portfolio
  • Milburn, Gerard J.: The Feynman Processor Quantum Entanglement and the Computing Revolution
  • Loukides, Mike and Oram, Andy: Programming with GNU Software
  • Make: Small Form Factor PCs

13.5.1 Algorithms

  • Cormen, Thomas H. et al.: Introduction to Algorithms
  • Morville, Peter: Ambient Findability

13.6 Electronics

  • Giblisco, Stan: Electronics Demystified A self teaching guide
  • Straughen, Slemon: Electric Machines

13.7 Meteorology

  • Ludlum, David M.: National Audobon Society Field Guide to North American Weather

13.8 Programming Languages

13.8.1 LISP

  • Steele, Guy L.: Common Lisp Maclisp, Scheme, Spicelisp, Zetalisp, Standard Lisp, Nil
  • Koschmann, Timothy: The Common LISP Companion
  • Winston, Patrick Henry and Horn, Berthold Klaus Paul: LISP
  • Friedman, Daniel P. and Felleisen, Mathias: The Little Schemer
  • Friedman, Daniel P. and Felleisen, Mathias: The Seasoned Schemer
  • Touretzky, David: Common LISP A Gentle Introduction to Symbolic Computation
  • Taiichi, Yuasa and Hagiya, Masami: Introduction to Common Lisp
  • Graham, Paul: ANSI Common Lisp Band 1
  • Graham, Paul: ANSI Common Lisp Band 2
  • XLISP: XLISP-Plus Reference Manual 3.0

13.8.2 C

  • Kernighan, Brian W. and Ritchie, Dennis M.: The C Programming Language
  • Zhang, Tony: Teach yourself C in 24 hours

13.8.3 Visual C#

  • Microsoft: Visual C# Express Edition

13.8.4 Windows Interface Language

  • Wilson, Morrie: Windows Interface Languag Reference Manual

13.8.5 Regular Expressions

  • Friedl, Jeffrey E. F.: Mastering Regular Expressions Powerful techniques for Perl and other tools

13.8.6 ABAP

  • Propfe, Wolfgang Gerrit: ABAP with Style

13.8.7 Fortran

  • Kreitzberg, Charles B. et al.: Fortran Programming A spiral approach

13.8.8 HTML

  • Holzschlag, Molly: Using HTML 4

13.8.9 Perl

  • Patwardban, Nathan: PERL in a Nutshell
  • Callender, John: Perl for Web Site Management
  • Pierce, Clinton: SAMS Teach yourself Perl in 24 hours

13.8.10 Microsoft Outlook

  • Mosher, Sue: Microsoft Outlook Programming

13.8.11 Perl

  • Whitehead, Paul and Kramer, Eric: Perl

13.9 Databases

  • Seagate: Seagate Crystal Reports
  • uCertify Team: uCertify Guide for Oracle Exam 1Z0-047 Pass your Oracle Database SQL Expert certification exam in first attempt
  • Heam, Steve o': OCA Oracle Database SQL Certified Expert Exam Guide Complete Exam Preparation

13.10 Astronautics

  • Collins, Michael: Carrying the Fire An astronaut's journey
  • NASA: Red Folder with Apollo Photographs
  • Nasa: Apollo Photographs
  • Slayton, Deke: Deke! America's chief astronaut speaks out at last!
  • Glenn, John: John Glenn - A Memoir
  • Zeithammer, Franz: Zwischenstation Mond Das programmierte Abenteuer
  • Sher, Ira: Gentlemen of Space

13.11 Ships and Boats

  • Compton, Nic: Sailboats The world's best sailboats in 500 great photos
  • Giorgetti, Franco: The Great Sailing Ships The history of sail from its origins to the present day
  • PassageMaker: PassageMaker The trawler and ocean motorboat magazine
  • Server, Dean: Tall Ships The magic of sail
  • White, Joel: Wood Water and Light Classic Wooden Boats
  • Ballantyne, Philip B.: Classic American Runabouts Wood Boats 1915-1965
  • Kludas, Arnold: Record Breakers of the North Atlantic /Blue Ribbon Liners 1838-1952

13.12 Zeppelins, Planes, Helicopters, and Gyrocopters

  • Popular Mechanic: Gyrocopter hit high Gear
  • Archbold, Rick: Hindenburg - an Illustrated History /Reliving the ero of the great airships
  • Jackson, Robert: Helicopters Moder Civil and Military Rotorcraft
  • Yenne, Bill: Seaplanes and Flying Boats

13.13 Cars

13.13.1 History of Cars

  • Clancey, Jonathan: The Car A history of the automobile

13.13.2 Kleinwagen

  • Rosellen, Hanns Peter: Deutsche Kleinwagen nach 1945, geliebt, gelobt und unvergessen
  • Mende, Hans-Ulrich et al.: Kleinwagen small cars, petit voitures

13.13.3 Swimming Cars

  • Wiersch, Dr. Bernd: VW at War Kübelwagen, Schwimmwagen Book 2
  • Erb, Hasso: Schwimmwagen Pkw und Lkw Entwicklung, Technik, Typen
  • Sawodny, Michael: VW at War Book 1 - Kübelwagen, Schwimmwagen & Special Vehicles
  • Pohl, Rene et al.: Mit dem Auto Baden Gehen Entwicklung, Geschichte und Technik der Schwimmwagen
  • Wiersch, Bernd: VW at War Book 2 - Kübelwagen, Schwimmwagen

13.13.4 Kettenkrad

  • Abel, Friedhelm: The Kettenkrad Sd.Kfz.2 - Type HK-101

13.14 Motorbikes

  • Brown, Roland: Classic Motorcycles The complete book of motorcycles and their riders
  • Dregni, Eric: Everything You Need to Know about Scooters
  • Hinrichsen, Horst: Heavy Sidecar Motorcycles of the Wehrmacht 1935-1945

14 Savoir Vivre

14.1 Dieting

  • Wirths, Prof. Dr. W.: Kleine Nährwerttabelle
  • Weightwatchers: Grill It!
  • Wightwatchers: Complete Food Companion Values for 14,000 foods with over 4,000 new and updated entries
  • Montingnac, Michel: Dine Out and Lose Weight The French Way to Culinary Savoir Vivre
  • Moriyama, Naomi: Japanese Women don't get fat

14.2 Gastronomy

14.2.1 History of Gastronomy

  • Carroll, Maureen et al.: Consuming Passions /Dining fro Antiquity to the Eighteenth Century

14.2.2 Cooking Technology

  • Wolf, Burt et al.: The New Cook's Catalogue The definitive guide to cooking equipment

14.2.3 Food Science

  • Brillat-Savarin: The Physiology of Taste
  • Wolke, Robert L.: What Einstein told his Cook (Volume 2)

14.2.4 Food Types

  • Watson, Lyall: The Whole Hog Exploring the Extraordinary Potential of Pigs

14.2.5 Waiting

  • Dahmer, Sondra and Kahl, Kurt W.: The Waiter and Waitress Training Manual

14.2.6 Cooking

  • Ruhlman, Michael: Ratio The simple codes behind the craft of everyday cooking
  • Essen und Trinken: Das Große Buch vom Kochen Einkaufe, vorbereiten, kochen und servieren - leicht gemacht
  • Cookshelf: Healthy Cooking
  • Cookshelf: Soups
  • Cookshelf: Italian
  • Cookshelf: Chicken
  • Nabhan, Gary Paul: Renewing America's Food Traditions
  • Bertinet, Richard: Cook in a class of you own with Richard Bertinet
  • Hill, Julia and Blocker, Linda: Culinary Math
  • Farrow, Joanna: Chef School Step by step techniques for culinary expertise
  • Mossesson, Janet et al.: 150 Recipes from Scandinavia Sweden, Norway, Denmark
  • Jones, Chris L. et al: The Food of France
  • Mohan, Rocky: Art of Indian Cuisine A treasure of exotic recipes including a vegetarian platter
  • Ruhlmann, Michael: The Soul of a Chef The Journey Towards Perfection
  • Sokolov, Raymond: The Cooks' Companion 101 recipes everyone should know
  • Doerfer, Jane: The Pantry Gourmet Over 250 recipes for mustards, vinegars, relishes, pates, cheeses, breads, preserves, and meats to stock your pantry, freezer, and refrigerator.
  • Oetker, Dr.: Schüttelkuchen Neue Rezepte und Ideen
  1. Japanese Cooking
    • Shimbo, Hiroko: The Sushi Experience Everything you need to know about Sushi - understanding it, making it, enjoying it
    • Kobayashi, Katsuyo: The Quick and Easy Japanese Cookbook Great Recipes from Japan's favorite TV cooking show host

14.2.7 Baking

  • Kaiser: Baking with Kaiser Backforms: Loaves
  • Gräfe und Unzer: Backvergnügen wie noch nie Das große GU Bild-Backbuch in Farbe
  • Ingram, Christine et al.: The Bread Bible

14.2.8 Food Testing

  • Richman, Alan: Fork It Over The Intrepid Adventures of a Professional Eater

14.3 Tea

  • Schrader, Paul: Tee Katalog Herbst 2010
  • Schrader, Paul: Tee Katalog Spring 2003
  • Schrader, Paul: Tee Katalog Weihnachten 2007

14.4 Customs

  • Axtell, Roger E.: Dos and Taboos Around the World
  • Bartos, Burghard and Barbara: Norddeutsche Feste und Bräuche Unterwegs zu traditionellen Festen und Bräuchen von den deutschen Küsten bis zu Harz und Emsland

14.5 The Good Things

  • Caldwell, Michael: The World's Finest An elegant tribute to the world class companies that bring us the finest of life's luxuries
  • Manufactum: Warenkatalog Nr. 12
  • Manufactum: Warenkatalog Nr. 14

15 Fiction and Literature

15.1 Old Books

  • McBride, Bill: Points of Issue A Compendium of Points of Issue of Books by 19th-20th Century Authors

15.2 Library Science

  • New York Public Library: Your Home Library
  • Dewey, Melvil: Dewey Decimal Classification
  • Ash, Russel and Lake, Brian: Bizarre Books A compendium of classic odities

15.3 History of Literature

  • Cox, Michael: The Conise Oxford Chronology of English Literature
  • Martini, Fritz: Deutsche Literaturgeschichte

15.4 German Poetry

  • Roth, Eugen: Ein Mensch Heitere Verse
  • Forster, Leonard: The Penguin Book of German Verse
  • Buttgereit, Robert: Poesiealbum

15.5 English Poetry

  • Unknown: The Limerick 1700 entries - The largest Collection of Limericks ever

15.6 Prose

  • Frank, Marisa: Große Adelsromane
  • Förster, Christel: Große Schloßromane
  • Holst, Kirsten: Sin Brors Vogter
  • Vollmann, William T.: Europe Central
  • Schätzing, Frank: Der Schwarm
  • Moss, Kate: Labyrinth
  • Beckett, Simon: Leichenblässe
  • Hansen, Ron: Hitler's Niece A novel
  • Kostova, Elizabeth: The Historian
  • Bainbridge, Beryl: Young Adolf
  • Hansen, Ron: Hitler's Niece

15.7 Kriminalroman

  • Schenkel, Andrea Maria: Tannöd

15.8 Historical Fiction

15.8.1 Prehistory

15.8.2 Stone Age (3,300,000-3,300 BC)

15.8.3 Bronze Age (3,300-1,200 BC)

15.8.4 Iron Age (1,200-1BC)

15.8.5 Ancient Greece (8,000 BC - 600 AD)

15.8.6 Ancient Rome (753 BC–476 AD)

15.8.7 Early Middle Age (500-1000)

15.8.8 High Middle Age (1000-1300)

15.8.9 Late Middle Ages (1300-1500)

15.8.10 Early modern period (1500-1800)

  1. French Revolution

15.8.11 19th Century

  1. Napoleonic Wars
  2. US Civil War
  3. German Empire
    • Kehlmann, Daniel: Die Vermessung der Welt
    • Capus, Alex: Eine Frage der Zeit Ein Roman der deutsche Kaiserzeit und der deutschen Kolonialgeschichte

15.8.12 Before 1914

15.8.13 World War I (1914–1918)

15.8.14 Interwar period (1918–1939)

15.8.15 World War II (1939–1945)

15.8.16 The Fifties (1950–1959)

  • Schenkel, Andrea Maria: Tannöd

15.8.17 The Sixties (1960–1969)

15.8.18 The Seventies (1970–1979)

15.8.19 The Eighties (1980–1989)

15.8.20 The Nineties (1990–1999)

15.8.21 21th Century

15.9 Japanese Fiction

  • Kanehara, Hitomi: Snakes and Earrings

15.10 German Classics

  • Schiller, Friedrich: Werke in Drei Bänden Band 1
  • Schiller, Friedrich: Werke in Drei Bänden Band 2
  • Schiller, Friedrich: Werke in Drei Bänden Band 3

15.11 German Literature

  • Wägner, W.: Germanische Heldensagen
  • Schlink, Bernhard: Der Vorleser
  • Jünger, Ernst: Auf den Marmorklippen
  • Goldt, Max: Die Radiotrinkerin
  • Regener, Sven: Herr Lehmann /Der Spiegel-Bestseller - Erstmals im Taschenbuch

15.12 Deutsche Trivialliteratur

  • Jerry Cotton: Der Polizistenhasser
  • Jerry Cotton: Als sie meine Leiche fanden …
  • Jerry Cotton: Special Band 1939

15.13 Plattdeutsche Literatur

  • Scheller, Gesche: Dat Lütte Vörleesbook

15.14 American Fiction

  • DeMille: Nelson: Up Country

15.15 Islandic Sagas

  • Smiley, Jane: The Saga of the Icelanders
  • Heldenlieder der Edda

15.16 Nordic Noire

  • Larsson, Stieg: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

16 Essays

17 Arts

17.1 Toys

  • Carrerra: Catalog 2007/2008
  • Carrerra: Dream Racers - Instructions
  • MTH Trains: Electric Trains 2008 Volume 1

17.2 Architecture

  • Mueller, A. et al.: Tuscany Art and Architecture
  • Scharmann, Rudolf G.: Schloss Charlottenburg Königliches Preußen in Berlin
  • Vitebsky, Piers and Humphrey, Caroline: Sacred Architecture Symbolic form and ornament traditions of East and West models of the cosmos
  • Fine Homebuilding: Small Homes
  • Streidt, Gert et al.: Prussia - Art and Architecture
  • Johnston, Roy: Parisian Architecture of the Belle Epoque

17.3 Interior Design

  • Conran, Terence: The Ultimate House Book for Home Design in the 21st Century

17.4 Riddles

  • Cus: Was ist Hier Passiert? Die besten Rätselgeschichten von CUS
  • Bastei: Ihr Dicker Rätselspaß

17.5 Interior Design

  • Unkown: Western Interiors and Design Nov/Dec 2006

17.6 Calligrapy

  • Graham, David: Color Calligraphy
  • Lunnis, Vivien: Celtic Calligraphy
  • Lovett, Patricia: The British Library Companion to Calligraphy, Illumination and Heraldry A history and practical guide
  • Carter, Patricia: Illuminated Calligraphy
  • Carter, Patricia: Illuminated Alphabets
  • Carter, Patricia: Illuminated Designs Creative ideas for writing paper, greeting cards, borders, monograms, bookplates, colophons, invitations, place cards, paperweights, decorative labels and more.
  • Hanson, Manda: Calligraphy Projects Workstation
  • Brown, Ken: The Ken Brown Calligraphy Handbook
  • Brown, Ken: The Ken Brown Calligraphy Handbook
  • Baron, Nancy: Getting Started in CAlligraphy

17.7 Photography

  • Unknown: Kodak Guide to Shooting Great Travel Pictures
  • Buttgereit, Wolfgang und Sabine: Unsere Hochzeit am 21. Mai 2010

17.8 Fashion and Style

  • Roetzel, Bernhard: Gentleman's Guide to Grooming and Style
  • Norris, Herbert: Medieval Costume and Fashion

17.9 Music

  • Clough, John et el.: Scales, Intervales, Keys, Triads, Rhythm, and Meter A programmed course in elementary music theory, with an introduction to partwriting
  • Reclam: Nationalhymnen Texte und Melodien
  • Prigge, Klause: Knurrhahn Seemannslieder und Shanties
  • Fritz, Thomas and Schmeckenbecher, Erich: Es wollt ein Bauer früh aufstehn 222 Volkslieder
  • Schmidt, Stephan: Das Klassische Gitarrenbuch /50 Stücke aus fünf Jahrhunderteen in Tabulatur und Noten
  • Brooks, Garth: The Limited Series
  • Ryder, Rodger: Das Romantische Gitarrenbuch
  • Hofmann, Josef: Piano Playing With piano questions answered
  • Kagen, Sergius: On studying singing
  • Marafioti, P. Mario: Caruso's Method of Voice Production The scientific culture of the voice
  • Ottman, Robert W.: Music for Sight Singing
  • Rudolf, Max: The Grammar of Conduction A practical study of modern baton technique
  • Barber, David: If it aitn't Baroque Music History as it ought to be taught

17.9.1 Noten

  • Bruckner, Anton: Te Deum Soli, Chor, Orchester und Orgel - Klavierauszug and Vocal Score
  • Thompson, Randall: The Peaceable Kingdom
  • Barber, Samuel: Choruses

17.10 Comics

  • Ion, Duncan: The New Andy Capp Collection Number 1
  • Disney, Walt: Lustiges Taschenbuch 113 - Die Goldsonde
  • Disney, Walt: Lustiges Taschenbuch 319 - Herr der Klinge
  • Disney, Walt: Lustiges Taschenbuch 19 - Düsentriebs verrückte Erfindungen
  • Vankin, Jonathan: The Big Book of Grimm
  • Morris and R. Goscinny: Lucky Luke (Album Double): Les Dalton se Rachetent et Le 20eme de Cavalerie
  • Morris and R. Goscinny: Lucky Luke (Album Double): Le Juge et Ruee sur l'Oklahoma
  • Morris and R. Goscinny: Lucky Luke: Billy the Kid
  • Schmidt, Kim: Local Heroes Band 10 - Schwarzbunt
  • Schmidt, Kim: Local Heroes Band 16 - Selfie Vieh
  • Schmidt, Kim: Local Heroes Band 1 - Neues aus Hedwig-Holzbein
  • Schmidt, Kim: Local Heroes Schneller! Härter! Lauter! (Wacken Special)
  • Schmidt, Kim: Local Heroes Band 14 - Seitenwind
  • Schmidt, Kim: Local Heroes Band 14 - Plattdeutsch 2
  • McBain, Ed et. al.: Best Crime Comics
  • Goscinny, R. and Uderzo, A: Asterix auf boarisch: Auf geht's zu de Gotn!
  • Goscinny, R. and Uderzo, A: Asterix - Gallien in Gefahr Band 44
  • Goscinny, R. and Uderzo, A: Asterix - Die große Überfahrt Band 22
  • Goscinny, R.: Asterix - Asterix le Galois Band 1
  • Goscinny, R.: Asterix - Asterix bei den Pikten Band 35

17.11 Bastelbögen

  • Krzyzacki, Zamek: Bastelsatz Marienburg, Ostpreußen
  • Pratchett, Terry et al.: The Unseen University Cut-Out Book
  • Usborne, Edizioni: Costruisci Il Castello Dei Crocaiati

17.12 Pictures

  • Riefenstahl, Leni: 30 Postcards
  • Winston, David Lorenz: Pigs A book of postcards
  • Storm, Theodor: Motive aus Leben und Dichtung

17.13 Manners

  • Swartz, Oretha D.: Service Etiquette

17.14 Drawing

  • Edwards, Betty: The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain A course in enhancing creativity and artistic confidence

18 Sports

18.1 Ancient Greek Olympics

  • Miller, Stephen G.: Ancient Greek Athletics

18.2 Fencing

  • Cheris, Elaine: Fencing: Steps to Success

18.3 Track and Field

  • Andersson, Marcia et al.: Foundations of Athletic Training Prevention, Assessment, and Management
  • Carr, Gerry A.: Fundamentals of Track and Field

18.4 Sport Anthologies

  • Fortin, Francois: Sports The complete visual reference

18.5 Nutrition

  • Deuster, Patricia A. et al.: The Navy SEAL Nutrition Guide
  • Hammer Nutrition: The Endurance Athlete's Guide to Success Everything you need to know about optimum caloric, electrolyte, and fluid intake for training and competition.

18.6 Baseball

  • Johnson, Lloyd: Baseball's Book of Firsts

18.7 Triathlon

  • Allen, Mark: Mark Allen's Total Triathlete
  • Tinley, Scott: Scott Tinley's Winning Triathlon
  • Scott, Dave: Dave Scott's Triathlon Training By Dave Scott - five time Ironman world champion
  • Edwards, Sally: Triathlon for Fun

18.8 Race Walking

  • McGovern, Dave: The Complete Guide to Racewalking Technique and Training
  • McGovern, Dave: The Complet Guide to Marathon Walking

18.9 Survival

  • McManners, Hugh: The Complete Wilderness Training
  • Kurowski, Franz: Wilde Flüsse, Große Abenteuer
  • Räer: Ausrüstungskatalog 1999
  • Lehman's: Non-Electric Catalog
  • Elpel, Thomas J.: Participating in Nature Thomas J. Elpel's field guide to primitive living skills
  • Fears, J. Wayne: Outdoor Survival Everything you need to know if your outdoor adventure takes a wrong turn
  • Hattingh, Garth: Outdoor Survival
  • Nehberg, Rüdiger: Survival-Training
  • Nehberg, Rüdiger: Survival - Die Kunst zu Überleben
  • Nehberg, Rüdiger: Medizin Survival

18.10 Sportmedizin

  • American Council on Execerise: Clinical Exercise Specialist Manual ACE's source for training special populations
  • Deuster, Patricia a.: The Navy SEAL Physical Fitness Guide
  • Edwards, Sally: The Heart Rate Monitor Book
  • Friel, Joe: Total Heart Rate Training Customize and Maximize your workout using a heart rate monitor
  • Strauzenberg, Stanley: Sportmedizin

18.11 Stretching

  • Spring, Hans et al.: Stretching and Strengthening Exercises
  • Kurz, Thomas: Stretching Scientifically A guide to flexibility training

18.12 Fitness

  • Chalker, Dennis C.: The United States Navy Seals Workout Guide The exercise and fitness programs based on the US Navy Seals and Bud/s training
  • Flach, Andrew: The Official Navy Seal Workout

18.13 Camping and RV

  • Townsend, Chris: The Advanced Backpacker
  • Helleberg The Tentmaker: Catalog 2004
  • Panther: Panther Primitives Catalog No. 15 History's best tents and camp gear
  • Roadtrek: Catalog 2008/2007
  • Trant, Kate: Home away from Home The world of camper vans and motorhomes

18.14 Hiking

  • Kifaru: Katalog 2008
  • Kifaru: Military Katalog
  • Parent, Laurence: The Official Guide to Texas State Parks
  • Stelter, Keith: Best Hikes Near Houston
  • Kephart, Horace: Camping and Woodcraft A handbook for vacation campers and for travelers in the wilderness
  • Walpole: Walpole Outdoors Catalog
  • Kestenbaum, Ryel: The Ultralight Backpacker The complete guide to simplicity and comfort on the trail
  • Mueser, Roland: Long-Distance Hiking Lessons from the Appalachian Trail
  • Jardine, Ray: Beyond Backpacking Guide to Lightweight Hiking
  • Berger, Karen: Hiking the Triple Crown How to hike America's longest trails

18.15 Adventure Racing

  • Mann, Don and Schaad, Kara: The Complete Duide to Adventure Racing The insider's guide to the greatest sport on earth
  • Adamson, Ian: Runner's World's Guide to Adventure Racing

18.16 Running

  • Heinrich, Bernd: Why We Run Previously published as "Racing the Antilope"
  • Jamison, Neal: Running through the Wall /Personal Encounters with the Ultramarathon
  • Williamson, Norrie: Everyone's Guide to Distance Running
  • Girandola, Robert N.: Running for Lifelong Fitness A professional and personeal guide
  • Henderson, Joe: Run Right Now What a half-century on the run has taught us
  • Karnazes, Dean: Ultra Marathon /Confessions of an all-night runne/r
  • Burfoot, Amby: Runner's World Beginning Running
  • Bean, Adam: Runner's Best: Getting Started
  • Barrios, Dagny Scott: Trail Running

18.17 Biking

  • Bycicle Road Racing Complete program for training and competition
  • Bicycle Magazine: The Noblest Invention An illustrated history of the bicyle
  • Woodland, Les: The Crooked Path to Victory Drugs and cheating in professional bicycle racing
  • Mitchel, Doug: Standard Catalog of Schwinn Bicycles 1895-2004
  • Bicycle Magazine: Cimplete Guide to Bibycle Maintenance and Repair Including road bikes and moutain bikes
  • Unknown: Bicycle Magazine's Long-Distance Cycling
  • Burrows, Mike: Bicycle Design
  • Ballantine, Richard and Grant, Richard: Ultimate Bicycle Book

18.18 Marathon Swimming

  • Cox, Lynne: Swimming to Antarctica
  • Dean, Penny Lee: Open Water Swimming A Complete Guide for Distance Swimmer and Triathletes
  • Wennerberg, Scott: Wind, Waves, and Sunburn A Brief History of Marathon Swimming
  • Tarpinian, Steve: The Essential Swimmer

18.19 Aikido

  • Satomoe, Mitsugi: The Principles of Aikido

18.20 Karate

  • Nakayama, Masatoshi: Dynamic Karate
  • Sahota, Gursharan: The Advanced Shotokan Karate Handbook
  • Pflüger, Albrecht: 25 Shotokan Katas

18.21 Shooting

  • Bird, Chris: The Concealed Handgun Manual

18.22 Rowing

  • Concept 2: Rowing Logbook
  • Cheasepeake Light Craft: Product Catalogue (The best boats you can build)
  • Sevylor: Sevylor Inflatable Boat Catalog 2004
  • Klepper: Faltboot Catalog
  • Chesapeake Bay: Cheasapeake Light Craft Wooden Boat Catalog
  • Geiger, Beth: Paddle Sports
  • Horton, Gene: Power Rowing A guide to fitness and mental harmony through on-the-water aerobic workouts

18.23 Sea Kayaking

  • Hutchinson, Derek: The Complete Book of Sea Kayaking
  • Foster, Nigel: Sea Kayaking Secrets from the Pro
  • Hutchinson, Derek: Eskimo Rolling
  • Hutchinson, Derek C.: Expedition Kayaking an Sea and Open Water

18.24 Sailing

  • Bauer, Bruce: The Sextant Handbook Adjustment, repair, use and history
  • Clark, David: The Adventurer The Epic Story of World Record Holder David Clark … The Oldest Solo Sailor to be Circumnavigate the Globe

18.25 Horse Sports

18.25.1 Riding

  • Young, James L.: A Field of Horses The world of Marshall P. Hawkins
  • Hartley Edwards, Elwyn: The New Encyclopedia of the Horse
  • Black, Diana: Horses - An Owners's Guide Care, Equipment, Health, and Training
  • Hyland, Ann: The Endurance Horse A world survey of endurance riding from ancient civilization to modern competition
  • Heeresdienstvorschrift: H. Dv. 12 Reitvorschrift
  • Dossenbach, Monique and Hans D.: The Noble Horse
  • Hassler-Scoop, Jill K.: Equestrian Instruction An integrated approach to teaching and learning
  • Ensminger, M. E.: Horses and Horsemanship
  • Bongianni, Maurizio: Simon & Schuster's Guide to Horses and Ponies An easy-to-use reference with more than 230 full-color photographs and illustrations
  • Hill, Cherry: Horsekeeping on a Small Acreage Designing and managing your equine facilities
  • Wilde, Clare: Endurance Riding From the first steps to 100 miles
  • Froissard, Jean: Classical Horsemanship for Our Time
  • Kidd, Jane: Learning to Ride What every beginning rider should know about flatwork, jumping and dressage
  • Pickeral, Tansim: The Encyclopedia of Horses and Ponies
  • Goodall, Daphne Machin: Die Pferde mit der Elchschaufel
  • Micklem, William: Complete Horse Riding Manual

18.25.2 Driving

  • Schrenk, Hans-Jörg: Kutschen Von der Kalesche yum Marathonwagen
  • Dubrowsky, Katharina: Vom Zauber alter Kutschen und Schlitten

18.25.3 Mules

  • Hauer, John: The Natural Superiority of Mules

18.26 Diving

  • Matsen, Brad: Jacques Cousteau The sea king

19 Weapons

19.1 Swords

  • Cohen, Richard: By the Sword /A history of gladiators, musketeers, samurai, swashbucklers, and Olympic champions.

19.2 Knives

  • Paul, Don: Everybody's Knife Bible

19.3 Guns

  • Walter, John: The German Rifle A comprehensive illustrated history of the standard bolt-action designs, 1871-1945
  • Olson, Ludwig: Mauser Bolt Rifles

20 Games

20.1 Boardgames

  • Bell, R. C.: The Boardgame Book

20.2 Chess

  • Eade, James: The Chess Players Bible Illustrated strategies for staying ahead of the game
  • Lane, Gary: Find the Winning Move Chess
  • Firmian, Nick de: Chess Openings the Easy Way

20.3 Scrabble

  • Fatsis, Stefan: Word Freak Heartbreak, triumph, genius, and obsession in the world of competitive SCRABBLE players
  • Unknown: The Official Scrabble Players Dictionary

20.4 Riddles

  • Unknown: Goldenes Rätsel Alle beliebten Rätsel

20.5 Others

  • Bookcase Game: Luftwaffe /The game of aerial combat over Germany 1943-1945

21 Trades and Crafts

21.1 Bookbinding

  • Cambras, Josep: The Complete Book of Bookbinding

21.2 Car Repair

  • Reader's Digest: Simple Car Care and Repair Quick and easy ways to understand, maintain, and fix your car

21.3 Appliance Repair

  • Powell, Evan: Complete Guide to Home Appliance Repair

21.4 Sewing

  • Smith, Alison: Die große Nähschule -Alle Techniken für Anfänger und Profis

21.5 Electronics

  • 73 Magazine: The Giant Book of Electronics Projects

21.6 Locksmithing

  • Miller, Frederic P. et al.: Locksmithing

21.7 Masonry

21.8 Plumbing

  • Ortho: Basic Plumbing Techniques

21.9 Cross stich

  • Wandel, Gertie: Kreuzstiche Muster und Vorlagen aus Dänemark

21.10 Bookbinding

  • Watson, Aldren A.: Hand Bookbinding A manual of instruction

21.11 Knife Making

  • Fowler, Ed: Knife Talk The art and science of knife making

21.12 Leather Craft

  • Drysdales: North South East and Western Wear
  • Tandy: Tandy Leather Factory Buyer's Guide 2013
  • Tandy: How to Color Leather
  • Henderson, Carolyn: The New Book of Saddlery and Tack
  • Stohlman, Al: The art of making leather cases

21.13 Hacking

  • Chaline, Erice et al.: Make 50 Wild and Wacky (but useful) Contraptions
  • Make: Getting Started with Arduino
  • DeHerrerra, Joshua: TechTV's Mod Mania with Yoshi A guide to customizing your computer and other digital devices
  • Beal, Susan: World of Geekcraft Step-by-step instructions for 25 super-cool craft projects
  • Berger, Shoshana et al.: Ready Made How to make almost everything
  • Prochnow, David: Take this Stuff and Hack it Transform everyday electronics into modern techno-wonders
  • Make: Make Magazine Volume 21
  • Make: Make Magazine Volume 22
  • Make: Make Magazine Volume 26
  • MAKE: Make Magazine Volume 23
  • MAKE: Make Magazine Volume 25
  • Reader's Digest: Back to Basics How to hearn and enjoy traditional American skills
  • Manufactum: Manufactum Katalog Nr. 13
  • Make: The Best of 75 Projects from the pages of MAKE
  • Unknown: The Boy Mechanic
  • Instructables: The Best of Instructables (Volume 1)
  • Proulx, Danny: Toolboxes and Workbenches
  • Tymony, Cy: Sneaky Uses for Everyday Things

21.14 Knife Making

  • Unknown: Texas Knifemaker's Supply

21.15 Woodworking

  • Bridgewater, Julian and Glyn: The Soapbox Bible How to build your own soapbox, buggy, or go-cart
  • Schleining, Lon: The Workbench A complete guide to creating your perfect bench
  • Haxell, Philip and Kate: Simple Handmade Garden Furniture 23 step-by-step weekend projects
  • Walpole Woodworkers: Outdoor Lifestyles
  • Beneke, Jeff: Ultimat Guide to Kids' Play Structures and Tree Houses
  • Black & Decker: Maximizing Minimal Space
  • Black & Decker: The Complete Guide to Kitchens
  • Douglas, Derek: Driftwood Furniture Practical projects for your home and garden
  • Corke, Mark: Build Your Own Custom Workbench 13 projects that fit your needs
  • Stender, Thomas: Architectural Birdhouses 15 famous buildings to make for your feathered friends
  • Nelson, Pete: Treehouses of the World
  • Ortho: Fences and Gates
  • Ortho: How to Plan and build Bookcases, Cabinets and Shelves
  • Ortho: Deck Plans Includes plans for 12 decks
  • Ortho: All about Storage Solutions
  • Ortho: Cost-Effective Home Upgrades
  • Lewis, Gaspar: Carpentry
  • Stack, Jim: Building the Perfect Tool Chest
  • Unkown: The Home Workshop Planner

21.16 Birdhouses

  • Leys, Marilyn and Ron: Living with Wildlife Create Wildlife Habitat no matter where you live
  • Needham, Bobbe: Beastly Abodes Homes for birds, bats, butterflies and other backyard wildlife

21.17 Tiling

  • Stanley: Complete Tiling

21.18 Building

  • Ortho: All About Additions
  • Home Depot: Pavestone: Outdoor Living Dreamscapes
  • Better Homes: Garden Structures
  • Better Homes and Gardens: Outdoor Kitchens
  • Cory, Steve: Barbecues & Outdoor Kitchens Fresh designs for patio living, complete guide to construction, simple grills and gourmet kitchens

21.19 Landscaping

  • Scotts: Sprinkler and Watering Systems Complete guide to planning and installing landscape irrigation
  • Home Depot: Landscape Construction 1-2-3

21.20 Gardening

  • This Old House Books: Essential Yard Care and Landscaping Projects
  • Damude, Noreen et al.: Texas Wildscapes Gardening for Wildlife
  • Chesshire, Charles et al.: The Practical Illustrated Guide to Japanese Gardening and Growing Bonsai
  • Territorial Seed Company: Catalog Spring 2012
  • Bishop, Peter and Handy, Jenny: The Garden /Step by step guide to transform your garden
  • Garrett, Howard: Plants for Texas
  • Imes, Rick: Wildflowers How to identify flowers in the wild and how to grow them in your garden
  • Pavord, Anna: Bulb
  • Kriegel, John: Houston Garden Book A complete guide to gardening in Houston and the Gulf Coast
  • Hessayon, Dr. D. G.: The Container Expert The world's best-selling book on container gardening
  • Roberts, Juliet: Organic Kitchen Gardens
  • Bird, Richard: A Practical Guide to Growing Vegetables, Fruit and Herbs
  • Reader's Digest: Illustrated Guide to Gardening
  • Ward, Bobby J.: The Plant Hunter's Garden A world of fascinating plants for adventurous gardeners
  • Cave, Philip: Creating Japanese Gardens
  • Reader's Digest: Illustrated Guide to Gardening
  • Wasowski, Sally and Andy: Native Texas Plants Landscaping Region by Region
  • Mattiza, Dorothy Baird: 100 Texas Wildflowers
  • Wildseedfarms: Wildflowers Catalot
  • Huber, Kathy: The Texas Flower Garden
  • Ortho: The Garden that Cares for Itself
  • Ortho: All about Shrubs and Hedges
  • Ortho: Shade Gardening Incluing azaleas, rhododendrons, and camellias
  • Ortho: The World of Herbs and Spices
  • Ortho: All about Creating Japanese Gardens
  • Unknown: Territorial Seed Company Catalok 2011
  • Ajilvsgi, Geyata: Wildflowers of Texas

21.21 Forestry

  • Vines, Robert A.: Trees of East Texas

21.22 Hunting

21.22.1 Equipment

  • Frankonia: Mode und Jagdbekleidung Sommer 1999
  • Frankonia: Katalog 2000/2001 Gesamtjahreskatalog
  • Frankonia: Katalog 1998/99 Jagd und Sportschießen
  • Unknown: Frankonia Jagd Katalog Mode und Jagdbekleidung 98/99

21.22.2 Dogs

  1. Dog Anthologies
    • Hall, Derek: The Ultimate Guide to Dog Breeds An Illustrated Encyclopedia with Over 600 Photographs
    • Pugnetti, Gino: Simon & Schuster's Guide to Dogs Over 320 Breeds, each illustrated in full color
  2. Dog Behavior
    • Marshall Thomas, Elizabeth: The Hidden Life of Dogs
  3. Dog Training
    • Oberländer: Dressur und Führung des Gebrauchshundes
    • Barwig, Susan, and Hilliard, Stewart: Schutzhund theory and training methods
    • Baatz, Manfred und Maria: Der richtige Umgang mit dem Hund Halten, Erziehen, Ausbilden
    • Baatz, Manfred und Maria: Hundeausbildung für die Jagd Praktische Anleitung für alle Jagdhunderassen und Jagdhundeprüfungen
    • Baatz, Manfred und Maria: Der richtige Umgang mit dem Hund Halten, Erziehen, Ausbilden
    • Baatz, Manfred und Maria: Hundeausbildung für die Jagd Praktische Anleitung für alle Jagdhunderassen und Jagdhundeprüfungen
  4. Great Danes
    • McCarty, Diane: Great Danes
    • Draper, Nancy-Carroll: The Great Dane Dogdom's Apollo
    • Ackerman, Lowell: Dr. Ackerman's Book of Great Danes Completely illustrated in color
    • Stahlkuppe, Joe: Great Danes
    • Swedlow, Jill: The Great Dane Model of Nobility
    • Heal, Robert: The Danes of Send Manor The life, loves and mystery of Gordon Stewart
  5. Dog Grooming
    • LaFetra, William: Clip and Groom Your Own Poodle A simple, step-by-step illustrated course on clipping and grooming all types and sizes of poodle

21.22.3 Jagdkunde

  • Blase, Richard et al.: Die Jägerprüfung Das Lehr-, Lern- und Nachschlagewerk für Jäger
  • Krebs, Helmut: Vor und Nach der Jägerprüfung

21.23 Painting

  • This Old House Books: Essential Paint Techniques Improving your home with paint inside out

22 Games

22.1 Chess

  • Maza, Michael de la: Rapid Chess Improvement A study plan for adult players

23 Biographies

  • Gleick, James: Genius The life and science of Richard Feynman
  • Jenkins, Roy: Churchill
  • Keitel, Wilhelm: The Memoirs of Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel Chief of the German High Command 1938-1945
  • Prien, Günther: U-Boat Commander
  • Lumsden, Robin: A Collector's Guide to the Waffen-SS
  • James St., Rebecca: Sister Freaks Stories of Women who gave up everything for God
  • Matsen, Brad: Jaques Cousteau - The Sea King
  • Faber, Ruth: Mit dem Rucksack nach Indien
  • Kroeber, Theodora: Ishi in two Worlds A Biography of the Last Wild Indian in North America

24 Geography

24.1 Flensburg

  • Luckhardt, Johannes: 800 Jahre Kirchen im Dorf Festschrift zur 800 Jahr Feier der Kirchen zu Großsolt und Kleinsolt
  • Langholz, Hans-Wilhelm: Bi uns to huus - Von der Flensburger Förde bis an die Schlei
  • Langholz, Hans-Wilhelm: Bi uns to Huus im Kreis Schleswig-Flensburg
  • Kochanowski, Peter: Ein Spaziergang durch Flensburg um 1900 25 Postkarten nach Ölbildern
  • Cordsen, Ernst-Otto: Alt-Satrup
  • Nowc, Gerhard: Moin Flensburg! Geschichten und Anekdoten aus der alten Fördestadt
  • Jacobsen, Jens: Flensburg

24.2 Schleswig-Holstein

  • Teufel, Heinz et al.: Schleswig-Holstein - Das Land und das Meer
  • Boelter, Astrid et. al.:Schleswig-Holstein Bilder erzählen Geschichte
  • Wüst, Peter: 365 Tage Schleswig-Holstein
  • ADAC: Reiseführer Schleswig-Holstein Nordsee, Ostsee und die Inseln
  • Müller, Christa et al.: Angeln, Schwansen, Schlei Von Flensburg bis Eckernförde
  • Unknown: Schleswig-Holstein Osteseeküste Ausflugsparadies Deutschland
  • Mader, Marin et al.: Die Küste - Schleswig-Holstein - Ostsee

24.3 Ostpreußen

  • Dohna-Schlobitten, Alexander Fürst zu: Erinnerungen eines Alten Ostpreußen
  • Reinoß, Herbert: Meine Heimat Ostpreußen Erinnerungen an ein geliebtes Land
  • Buxa, Werner: Bilder aus Ostpreußen Über 500 Fotos vom Leben wie es damals war
  • Cloug, Patricia: Aachen, Berlin, Königsberg Eine Zeitreise entlang der alten Reichsstraße 1
  • Schwerin, Esther Gräfin von: Kormorane, Brombeerranken Erinnerungen an Ostpreußen
  • Dönhoff, Marion Gräfin: Namen, die Keiner Mehr Nennt Ostpreußen - Menschen und Geschichte
  • Dönhoff, Marion Gräfin: Um der Ehre Willen Erinnerungen and die Freunde vom 20. Juli
  • Dönhoff, Marion Gräfin: Kindheit in Ostpreußen
  • Kakies, Martin: Von Memel bis Trakehnen in 144 Bildern

24.4 Germany

  • Kerp, H.: Am Rhein Monographien zur Erdkunde
  • Schlüsselburg and Schumann: Hamburg
  • Hinstorff: Leipzig
  • Unknown: Facts about Germany
  • Baedeker, Carl: Baedeker's Germany
  • Baedeker, Carl: Baedeker's Germany - New Updated Edition

24.5 USA

  • Curtis, Edward: The North American Indian
  • Reader's Digest: Through Indian Eyes The untold story of native American Peoples
  • Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society: The American Patriot's Handbook
  • Williams, Stephen P.: How to be President What to do and where to go once you're in office

24.6 Texas

  • Texas Department of Transportation: Texas Travel Guide

24.7 Russia

  • Azulay, Erik and Allegra: The Russian Far Eats

24.8 China

  • Fallos, Deborah: Dreaming in Chinese Mandarin lessons in life, love, and language

24.9 India

  • Waterstone, Richard: India The Cultural Companion

24.10 Africa

  • Leslie-Melville, Betty: Elephants have Right of Way Life with the wild animals of Africa

24.11 Maps

  • Exxon: Texas Road Map
  • Traveltex: 2014 Official Travel Map Texas
  • New York State: New York State Travel Map
  • Rand MacNally: Streets of Pasadena and Baytown

25 Geology

  • Watts, Claire: Natural Disasters Discover the awsome power of tsunamis, hurricanes, earthquakes, and volcanoes.
  • Maley, Terry: Field Geology Illustrated

25.1 Vulcanology

  • Winchester, Simon: Krakatoa

26 History

26.1 Paleontology

  • Ward, Peter D.: Gorgon Paleontology, obsession, and the greatest catastrophe in earth's history

26.2 Archaeology

  • Renfrew, Colin and Bahn, Paul: Archaeology Theories, methods and practice

26.3 Anthologies

  • Jack, Albert: Ten Minute's Mysteries The world's secrets explained
  • Vincent, John: And Intelligent Person's Guide to History
  • Shaw, Karl: 5 People who Died during Sex and 100 other terribly tasteless lists
  • Strock, Ian Randal: The Presidential Book of Lists from Most to Least, Elected to Rejected, Worst to Cursed Fascinating facts about our chief executives
  • Reader's Digest: The Book of Firsts The fascinating stories behind the world's greatest achievements, discoveries, and brekathroughs
  • Hurdman, Charlotte et al.: The Encyclopedia of the Ancient World How people lived in the stone age, ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and the Roman Empire
  • Levy, Joel: Lost Histories In search of vanished places, treasures, and people
  • Smith, Carter: Presidents - Every Question Answered Everything you could possibly want to know about the nation's chief executives
  • Panati, Charles: Browsers Book of Beginnings
  • Wheen, Francis: How Mumbo Jumbo Conquere the World A short history of modern delusions

26.4 Prehistory

  • Tattersall, Ian: The Fossil Trail How we know what we think we know about human evolution
  • Leakey, Richard: The Origin of Mankind

26.5 Stone Age (3,300,000-3,300 BC)

  • Stringer, Christopher and Gamble, Clive: In Search of the Neanderthals

26.6 Bronze Age (3,300-1,200 BC)

26.6.1 Indo-Europeans

  • Renfrew, Colin: Archaeology & Language The puzzle of Indo-European origins

26.6.2 Hittites

  • Nossov, Konstantin: Hittite Fortifications ca. 1650-700BC

26.7 Iron Age (1,200-1BC)

26.8 Ancient Greece (8,000 BC - 600 AD)

  • Hanson, Victor David: The Western Way of War

26.9 Ancient Rome (753 BC–476 AD)

  • Caesar, Gaius Julius: De Bello Gallico - Der Gallische Krieg Lateinisch-Deutsch
  • Rodgers, Nigel: Roman Empire
  • Dixon, Karen R. and Southern, Pat: The Roman Cavalry

26.10 Early Middle Age (500-1000)

  • Pirenne, Henry: Mohammed and Charlemagne
  • Einhard: The Life of Charlemagne

26.11 High Middle Age (1000-1300)

  • Serrato-Combe, Antonio: The Aztec Templo Mayor A visualization
  • Brownstone, David M. et al.: The European Overland Routes
  • Lingen: Leben im Mittelalter Von Burgen, Klöstern und Städten
  • Brittain Bouchard, Constance: Knights in History and Legend
  • Dixon-Kennedy, Mike: The Robin Hood Handbook The outlaw in history, myth and legend
  • Erdoes, Richard: A.D. 1000 Living on the Brink of Apocalypse
  • Madden, Thomas F.: The New Concise History of the Crusades
  • Read, Piers Paul: The Templars: The Dramatic History of the Knights Templar, the Most Powerful Military Order of the Crusades
  • Nicolle, David: The Mongol Warlords Ghengis Kran, Kublai Khan, Hülegü, Tamerlane
  • Khan, Chinggis: The Golden History of the Mongols

26.12 Late Middle Ages (1300-1500)

  • Strathern, Paul: The Artist, the Philsopher, and the Warrior Da Vinci, Machiavelli, and Borgia and the world they shaped
  • Milton, Giles: The Riddle and the Knight In search of Sir John Mandeville, the world's greatest traveller
  • Seward, Desmond: The Monks of War

26.13 Early modern period (1500-1800)

  • Wilson, Peter H.: From Reich to Revolution /German History, 1558-1806
  • White Paas, Martha et al.: The Kipper und Wipper Inflation, 1619-32 An economic history with contemporary German broadsheets
  • Ekin, Des: The Stolen Village A thrilling account of the 17th-century raid on Ireland by the barbary pirates
  • King, David: Finding Atlantis A true story of genius, madness, and and extraordinary quest for a lost world

26.13.1 30 years war

  • Spiegel Geschichte: Der Dreissigjährige Krieg Die Ur-Katastrophe der Deutschen
  • Strathern, Paul: The Artist, the Philosopher, and the Warrior. Da Vinci, Machiavelli, and Borgia and the world they shaped.

26.13.2 Preussen

  • Mitford, Nancy: Frederick the Great
  • Wilson, Peter H.: From Rich to Revolution German History, 1558-1806

26.13.3 Founding of the USA

  • Gonick, Larry: The Cartoon History of the United States
  • McCullough, David: 1776

26.13.4 French Revolution

  • Lefebvre, Georges: The Coming of the French Revolution
  • Unknown: The Story of the Star Spangled Banner

26.13.5 Napoleonic Wars

  • Rothenberg, Gunther: The Napoleonic Wars
  • Hofschröer, Peter: Wellington's Smallest Victory The Duke, the model maker and the secret of Waterloo

26.14 19th Century

26.14.1 Napoleonic Wars

  • Hausmann, Franz Joseph: A Soldier for Napoleon The campaigns of Lieutenant Franz Joseph Hausmmann 7th Bavarian Infantry
  • Terraine, John: Trafalgar

26.14.2 United Kingdom

  • Sinnema, Peter W.: The Wake of Wellington Englishness in 1852

26.14.3 US Civil War

  • Times: The Civil War Compact Edition Fort Sumter to Gettysburg
  • Ward, Geoffrey C.: The Civil War An illustrated history
  • Unknown: The Timechart History of the Civil War
  • Bowman, John S.: The Civil War Day by Day An illustrated almanac of America's bloodiest war
  • Halberstadt, Hans: The American Civil War The soldier's story
  • Longstreet, James : From Manassas to Appomattox: Memoirs of the Civil War in America
  • Longacre, Edward G.: The Commanders of Chancellorsville The gentleman versus the rogue. Tehe opposing strategies and personalities of Lee and Hooker
  • Foote, Sheyby: The Civil War: A Narrative: Volume 1: Fort Sumter to Perryville
  • Foote, Sheyby: The Civil War: A Narrative: Volume 2: Fredericksburg to Meridian
  • Foote, Sheyby: The Civil War: A Narrative: Volume 3: Red River to Appomattox
  • Avery, James Henry: Under Custer's Command The Civil War Journal of James Henry Avery
  • Carhart, Tom: Lost Triumph Lee's Real Plan at Gettysburg - and why it failed

26.14.4 US Post Civil War

  • Blevins, Don: From Angels to Hellcats Legendary Texas Women 1836 to 1880
  • Windolph, Sergeant: I Fought with Custer The story of sergeant Windolph, last survivor of the battle of the Little Big Horn as told to Frazier and Robert Hunt
  • Certo, Joseph J. Di: The Saga of the Pony Express

26.14.5 German Empire

  • Drower, George: Heligoland The true story of German Bight and the island that Britain betrayes
  • Stern, Fritz: Gold and Iron Bismarck, Bleichröder, and the building of the German empire
  • Watson, Peter: The German Genius Europe's third renaissance, the second scientific revolution and the twentieth century
  • Bismarck, Fürst Otto von: Gedanken und Erinnerungen
  • Macintyre, Ben: Forgotten Fatherland The true story of Nietzsche's sister and her lost Aryan Colony

26.14.6 German Danish War of 1864

  • Slesvigland: Slesvigland 1864
  • Flensborg Avis: 1864

26.14.7 India

  • Dash, Mike: Thug The true story of India's Murderous Cult

26.15 20th Century

26.15.1 Biographies

26.15.2 Before 1914

  • Fromkin, David: Europe's Last Summer Who started the Great War in 1914

26.15.3 World War I (1914–1918)

  • MacDonogh, Giles: The Last Kaiser The Life of Wilhelm II
  • Jünger, Ernst: In Stahlgewittern
  • Edkins, David: The Prussian Order Pour Le Merite History of the Blue Max
  • Luckner, Felix Graf von: Seeteufel
  • Mosier, John: The Myth of the Great War How the Germans won the Battles and how the Americans saved the Allies
  • Bennett, Geoffrey: The Battle of Jütland
  • Treadwell, Terry C. and Wood, Alan C.: German Knights of the Air 1914-1918 The Holders of the Orden Pour Le Merite

26.15.4 Interwar period (1918–1939)

  • Enzensberger, Hans Magnus: Hammerstein oder Der Eigensinn
  • Guderian, Heinz: Achtung-Panzer The development of armoured forces, their tactics and operational potential
  • Lewis, David: The Man who Invented Hitler The Making of the Führer

26.15.5 World War II (1939–1945)

  • Clough, Patricia: In Langer Reihe über das Haff Die Flucht der Trakehner aus Ostpreußen
  • Goddal, Daphne Machin: The Flight of the East Prussian Horses
  • Speer, Albert: Spandauer Tagebücher
  • Wuermeling, Henric L.: August '39 11 Tage zwischen Frieden und Krieg
  • Herd, Werner and Obermaier, Ernst: Die Deutsche Luftwaffe im Afrikafeldzug 1941-1943
  • Haffner, Sebastian: The Meaning of Hitler
  • Fowler, Will: The First 7 Days of Barbarossa Nazi Germany's 1941 invasion of the soviet union
  • Beiersdorf, Horst: German Military Trailers and Towed Equipment 1935-1945
  • Adolf Schicklgruber: Mein Kampf
  • Leibholz-Bonhoeffer: Vergangen, Erlebt, Überwunden Schicksale der Familie Bonhoeffer
  • Reynolds, Michael: Men of Steel SS Panzer Corps
  • Höhne, Heinz: The Order of the Death's Head The story of Hitler's SS
  • Yerger, Mark C.: SS-Obersturmbannführer Otto Weidinger Knight's cross with oakleaves and swords SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 4 "Der Führer"
  • Eberle, Henrik and Uhl Mathias: The Hitler Book The secret dossier prepared for Stalin from the interrogation of Hitler's personal aids
  • Rosado, Jorge et al.: Wehrmacht Panzer Divisions 1939-1945 The essential tank identification guide
  • Mayer, S. L.: Signal - Hitler's Wartime Picture Magazine
  • Berger, Florian: Ritterkreuzträger mit Nahkampfspange in Gold
  • Williamson, Gordon: The SS: Hitler's Instrument of Terror The full story from street fighters to the Waffen-SS
  • US War Department: Handbook on German Military Forces
  • Laffin, John: Jackboot /A history of the German Soldier 1713-1945
  • Lattimer, John K.: Hitler and the Nazi Leaders A unique insight into evil
  • Barnett, Correlli: Hitler's Generals
  • Junge, Traudl: Until the final Hour
  • Fest, Joachim: Inside Hitler's Bunker The last days of the Third Reich
  • Peyinghaus, Marianne: Stille Jahre in Gertlauken
  • Raeder, Erich: Grand Admiral
  • Temple Press: Battles of the 20th Century
  • Dinardo, R. L.: Mechanized Juggernaut or Military Anachronism Horses and the German Army of WWII
  • Jenkins, Roy: Churchill
  • Keitel, Wilhelm: The Memoirs of Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel Chief of the German High Command 1938-1945
  • Prien, Günther: U-Boat Commander
  • Lumsden, Robin: A Collector's Guide to the Waffen-SS
  • Fletcher, David: Swimming Shermans Sherman DD amphibious tank of Word War II
  • Quarrie, Bruce: German Airborne Divisions Blitzkrieg 1940-41

26.15.6 The Fifties (1950–1959)

26.15.7 The Sixties (1960–1969)

  • McLellan, Barr: Blood, Money and Power How L. B. J. killed J. F. K.
  • Flemming, Thomas: The Berlin Wall Division of a City
  • Scholl-Latour, Peter: Der Tod im Reisfeld Dreißig Jahre Krieg in Indochina

26.15.8 The Seventies (1970–1979)

26.15.9 The Eighties (1980–1989)

26.15.10 The Nineties (1990–1999)

  • Lafontaine, Oscar: Das Herz schlägt links

26.16 21th Century

26.16.1 The 2000s (2000–2009)

  • Scholl-Latour, Peter: Kampf dem Terror - Kampf dem Islam? Chronik eines unbegrenzten Krieges
  • Dershowitz, Alan: The Case for Peace How the Arab-Israeli conflict can be resolved

26.16.2 The Tens (2010–2019)

26.17 History Atlasses

  • Homberger, Eric: The Penguin Historical Atlas of North America
  • McEvedy, Colin: The New Penguin Atlas of Medieval History

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