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Robert Wise


He is a solid EDI professional.

He connects technology with business.

He solves problems.

He provides solutions.


Table 1: My job experience in a nutshell
Company Job Title Tasks
Appterra Product Manager EDI Manage core product, document functionality, log issues and improvements
Appterra Director Account Management & Support Manage relationship with anchor accounts
Appterra Project Manager Write specifications, manage projects, ensure timelines and budget
EC Outlook Manager Production Support No files are stuck, server uptime, manage offshore employees
EC Outlook Manager Customer Support Provide phone and e-mail support to the US, Asia, Latin America, Europe
EC Outlook Software Trainer Train new users in English, German, French and Danish
Universal Computer Systems Team Leader Software Localization Translating automotive dealership software into German
WorldByNET Community Manager Manage the community of suppliers or customers


Table 2: How do I get the work done
Gather Information Document Specifications Manage Project Support Post Production
Talk to business and Short and precise, and Finish on time The end of the project
technical staff always up to date and in budget is only the beginning.

Multi-cultural and multi-lingual

Table 3: My Language skills and how I am using those today
Skill English German French Danish Spanish Filipino Chinese
Interpreting1 yes yes          
Translating2 yes yes          
Training yes yes yes        
Speaking yes yes yes yes      
Reading yes yes yes yes yes   yes
Writing (E-mail)3 yes yes yes yes yes    
Writing (Technical Documentation)4 yes yes          
Oversea's staff yes yes yes yes yes yes  

Data formats

SAP Idoc, EDI X12, EDIFAC, RosettaNet, Oracle, XML, flat file, spreadsheet

Communications methods

AS2, HTTP, FTP, SFTP, e-mail, Modem, MQ Series, Encryption

To good to be true? Find out yourself! Contact me at



Simultaneous and consecutive in court, chemical plants, legal meetings, with law enforcement. Simultaneous interpreting is my favourite. I can almost get into a state where I am in trance and all the words only stay in my short term memory, and later I don't remember anything of the subject matter.o


I have translated legal papers, technical documentation, software program literals, help files, presentations, etc.


It is relatively easy to reply to short e-mails in any language. I have had e-mail exchanges in many major languages: English, German, French, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Dutch.


To write long technical documents or complex business letter requires almost native speaker competence. I am a native German speaker, and I have native competence in English.

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Author: Robert Wise

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